January 10th – Brooklyn, NY

Book launch for Eileen G’Sell’s Life After Rugby at Berl’s Poetry Shop, with Eileen G’Sell, Neil Rosenthalis, Jess Rizkallah, and Jess Feldman. Starts at 7pm!

February 24th – Brooklyn, NY

Book launch for Carnivalia and Virginia Konchan’s The End of Spectacle, with special guest Farnoosh Fathi! Begins at 7pm at Unnameable Books. There will be snacks and refreshments!

February 27th – Manhattan, NY

Reading with Virginia Konchan and Eileen G’Sell at KGB Bar. Starts at 7pm!

February 28th – Brooklyn, NY

Reading with Virginia Konchan and special guest at Berl’s Poetry Shop. Starts at 7pm!

March 8th – Tampa, FL

I’ll be participating in the panel at AWP Tampa “Arab and Muslim Writers Surviving Trump’s America, with Lana Barkawi, Sagirah Shahid, and Jess Rizkallah. Room 1, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor. 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm


Past Events:


I did a Very Bad Job© at keeping track of my events in 2017!


March 22nd – Grand Rapids, MI

Book launch party/reading for Energy Corridor at the Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters! Begins at 6:30 pm and is open to all, and there will be refreshments.

July 12th – Milwaukee, WI

Poetry in the Park at Juneau Park, with Brenda Cárdenas, KJ Prodigy/Kavon Jones, and Peter Burzynski. Starts at 6:30 pm.

October 6th – Kalamazoo, MI

Reading at Western Michigan University in rooms 157-159 of the Bernhard Center with poet Iliana Rocha and fiction writer Dustin M. Hoffman. Starts at 8pm and is open to the public – refreshments will be served!

October 19th – New Orleans, LA

Reading at Blood Jet Poetry Series at BJ’s in the Bywater with poets Christopher Romaguera and Nick Fox. Begins at 7pm.

November 4th – Natchitoches, LA

Reading at Northwestern State University with fiction writer Laurie Ann Cedilnik. Details soon!


April 9th – Minneapolis, MN

Mizna and The Cedar Present: Arab-American Soundscapes. Music by Naj Bagdadi surrounds an evening featuring performances by Moheb Soliman, Ismael Khalidi, and Nathalie Handal, with a line-up of acclaimed poets–Glenn Shaheen, Hedy Habra, Philip Metres, and more. Performances will be set against the backdrop of a film of the Euphrates River. 7:00pm at the Cedar Cultural Center.

April 11th – Minneapolis, MN (AWP)

Panel – Poetry in the Program Era. In his 2009 book The Program Era, Mark McGurl reads postwar American fiction by way of its origins in the creative writing classroom. In doing so, he finds that familiar lessons of craft (“show-don’t-tell”) and originality (“find your voice”) can have far-reaching aesthetic consequences. Can the same be said about poetry? This panel will explore how creative writing pedagogy has impacted recent poets, noting how elliptical, formalist, and slam poetries have fared in this new academic era.  With Darin Ciccotelli, Jessica Piazza, Kent Shaw, and Susan B.A. Somers-Willett. Room 200 B&C, Level 2, 10:30am.


March 10th – St. Louis, MO

At Llewelyn’s Pub with Jeff Hamilton and Amaud Jamaul Johnson as part of the Observable Reading Series.

October 6th – Huntington, WV

With Eric LeMay, for the AE Stringer Visiting Writers Series at Marshall University.

December 3rd – Montreal, PQ

With Virginia Konchan, Kateri Lanthier, Darren Bifford and Michael Belcher, as part of the Resonance Reading Series.


January 28th – Kalamazoo, MI

At the Kalamazoo Public Library at 7pm in the Van Deusen room, with Joe Costello, Denise Miller, Diane Seuss, Daneen Wardrop, and Traci Brimhall.

February 11th – Mt. Pleasant, MI

Wellspring Literary Series at 7pm.

March 9th – Boston, MA (AWP)

A 9am reading/discussion panel called “Arab-American Writing in the 21st Century,” with Hayan Charara, Alicia Erian, and Randa Jarrar in room 207 of the Hynes Convention Center.

April 4th – Clemson, SC

Reading as part of the Clemson Literary Festival at 4 pm at 356 Restaurant with Holly Goddard Jones and Ben Mirov.

April 11th- Grand Rapids, MI

Reading on Thursday the 11th with V.V. Ganeshananthan and Amina Gautier as part of the Grand Valley State University Writers Series: First Books Festival at 7:30pm at the University Club, Grand Rapids Campus.

April 22nd – Kalamazoo, MI

Reading with James Tadd Adcox and Brandon Krieg at Michigan News Agency.

April 23rd – Akron, OH

Reading at RCN Cave with James Tadd Adcox, Alexis Pope, Mike Krutel, and Joshua Ware.

April 24th – Pittsburgh, PA

Reading at Big Idea Books with James Tadd Adcox and Brandon Dean Lamson.

April 26th – Cambridge, MA

Reading at Lorem Ipsum Books with James Tadd Adcox, Carissa Halston, Krysten Hill, and Robert Kloss.

May 29th – Grand Rapids, MI

Reading at Great Lakes Commonwealth of Letters with Hedy Habra.


January 28th – Kalamazoo, MI

Reading for the Poets in Print series with Jennifer Perrine at 7pm at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center. They make these really awesome broadsides, and it’s a great series.

March 1st – Chicago, IL

For anybody attending AWP, I will be on a panel discussing some of the trends in contemporary flash. Panel also features Edward Mullany, Roxane Gay, Adam Peterson, and Nancy Stebbins, and will be at 9:00 am in the Empire Ballroom of the Palmer House Hilton. I hope that means there’s dancing afterwards!

March 20-21st – Muncie, IN

Reading and  panel discussion for the In Print Festival of First Books at Ball State University, with fiction writer Caitlin Horrocks, nonfiction writer Bonnie Rough, and editor Christopher Newgent from Vouched Books.

April 12th – Big Rapids, MI

I’ll be teaming up with Jamie Thomas for part one of our two part reading bonanza! Come see us talk about our books and take questions at Great Lakes Books and Supplies at 4:30, then pop over to the Old Jail at 7:30 to hear us read. Buy Jamie’s book here!

April 17th – Grand Rapids, MI

I’ll be reading with great poet and great person Jamie Thomas at the Literary Life Bookstore at 7:00 pm. It’s in a terrific part of Grand Rapids, and it is also a wonderful bookstore.

April 19th – St. Louis, MO

Come to Left Bank Books at 7:00 pm in lovely downtown St. Louis!

June 7th – Houston, TX

The June Texas Tour with Lauren Berry kicks off at Brazo’s Bookstore in Houston at 7pm. It’ll be like some kinda reunion or something!

June 8th – Austin, TX

Lauren and I will be reading at the best independent bookstore in Austin, Domy Books, at 7pm. Come on out and buy lots of stuff from them!

June 9th – Dallas, TX

We’ll be at the Barnes & Noble Lincoln Park in Dallas at 2pm to do a reading, so come on and prove that Dallas cares about more than just oil and coke!

June 11th, Denton, TX

Our last stop on our brief Texas Tour, we’ll be reading at the Barnes & Noble in the Golden Triangle Mall at 7pm. It will be fun and there will be AC!

July 17th, Prague, Czech Republic

Reading at the Ypsilion Theatre as part of the Prague Summer Program.

August 1st – Iowa City, IA

Reading @ Public Space One w/ Traci Brimhall, Kyle McCord, and cellist T.J. Borden (7:00PM)

August 2nd – Des Moines, IA

Reading @ Beaverdale Books w/ Traci Brimhall and Kyle McCord (7:00PM)

August 3rd – Dubuque, IA

Reading @ River Lights Bookstore w/ Traci Brimhall and Kyle McCord (5:00PM)

August 5th – Milwaukee, WI

Reading at Foxglove Gallery w/ Traci Brimhall and Kyle McCord, 7:00PM

August 6th – Minneapolis, MN

Reading @ Maeve’s Cafe w/ Traci Brimhall, Kyle McCord, and Ryan Collins, 7:30PM

August 7th – Chicago, IL

Reading @ Quencher’s Saloon for Wit Rabbit Reading Series w/ Traci Brimhall, Kyle McCord, Larry O. Dean and Sophie Summertown Grimes, 7:00PM

October 12th – Madison, WI

Monsters of Poetry reading with Ryan Collins, Kelly Forsythe, and Virginia Konchan. 7:30pm at The Project Lodge.

December 15th – Chicago, IL

The Dollhouse reading series with Kathleen Rooney, Joshua Young, and the inimitable Brian Russell at 7:30pm.


May 3rd – Houston, TX

I’ll be reading at the Word for Word reading for 14 Pews with Andrew Kozma and four other mystery poets. Starts at 7:30, goes till the party is done! (Which should be around 9 or 9:30)

May 10th – Houston, TX

Come out to the final NANO Reading at Kaboom Books for the season! National Poetry Series winner Lauren Berry will be the featured reader, an all of the staff of NANO Fiction, myself included, will briefly read to warm up for her. 7:30 start time, refreshments and chapbooks as always!

July 28th – Houston, TX

Reading at the Poison Pen Reading Series with Hank Hancock and Selena Anderson. It’s hot but there will be beer!

October 20th – Houston, TX

Reading at Kaboom Books with Laurie Cedilnik – we’ll be presenting work we’ve been creating over the past few months thanks to a generous grant from the Houston Arts Alliance and the City of Houston. Please come out and see us and buy some books from the best book store in town!

Glenn Shaheen is a recipient of an Individual Artist Grant Award. This grant is funded by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.

November 5th – Memphis, TN

Reading at Splash Creative Ink for The Pinch’s release party, with James Allen Hall, Angie Macri, Chris Gavaler, and Alex Michael Stein. Come join us!

November 11th – Kalamazoo, MI

With Elizabyth A. Hiscox, a reading as part of the Third Coast Reading Series.